October 8, 2016

It seemed like forever since I first met Tasha and Kyle, but their wedding day finally came! They couldn't have picked a better day for their totally non-traditional, family-centered wedding--the weather was warm but not hot, and the setting was just gorgeous!

These two hosted their wedding and reception in their own backyard, with the comfort of home just steps away when the day was done!

Although most of the day and the details were put together by the happy couple and their family, there were some pretty awesome vendors who helped make this day extra special!  So without further adieu, super huge thanks go out to: 

Make-up: Kristin Upright at Glitter BItten Beauty

Bridal Hairstyle: Rashauna Belloir at The Hair Gallery

Wedding Cake: Amber Walter at Unique Custom Creations

The Dress: Blush Bridal in Eugene, OR (Designer: WToo)

Alterations: Maggie Ocumpaugh at Romantic Bridal Designs by Maggie

Bride's Bouquet: Custom designed bouquet from Eco Flower

Groom's attire: Men's Warehouse

Tables, chairs & linens: Party Time Rentals

Did I mention this was a totally non-traditional wedding? The ceremony was simple and sweet,. and focused only on Tasha, Kyle and their boys, and there was no official wedding party to speak of. Tasha's close friends Maria and Rashauna served as the unofficial bridesmaids, and Tasha and Kyle took care of all the catering themselves. The entire day was planned to accommodate the children and to make sure that Tasha and Kyle were still very much available to meet their needs at all times. This excerpt from Tasha's wedding Questionnaire sums up everything nicely, so I hope she won't mind if I share her words:

"This is a unique wedding as it will be completely "nontraditional" yet follow some traditional wedding traditions. Due to our oldest son being Autistic, this is the first large event for him and it may be hard. We are completely working around his schedule and what works for him, that is extremely important to us that he is comfortable and ok with everything. Meaning...if we need to stop our Bride and Groom photos to attend to him, we will. If the first dance doesn't take place right as when planned, we can do it later in the evening! We just want to have it be a fun and relaxed event for all!

We just ask that everyone involved please be understanding of our situation with our son, Cooper! We may need extra time during getting ready, and transitioning from one thing to the next can take a little extra time, patience and love :) Our boys mean the world to us, and although this day is about us getting married, they come first no matter what! We are very excited to have a fun, laid back great time with our friends and family!"


This was my first time going into a wedding under these specific circumstances, and I was very moved by this couple's dedication to their boys. I went into this wedding knowing that we wouldn't be able to follow more than a loosely planned timeline, and that was fine with me! After all, what wedding goes exactly as planned every minute of the day? I'm used to going with the flow when things suddenly change, and I viewed this wedding as being no different than any other, at least in that aspect of things.

Tasha's ahhhh-MAZINGLY beautiful wedding gown was designed by WToo, and she said yes to her dress at Blush Bridal in Eugene. I just loved all of the beautiful beading and ruffles!  This dress fit her like a dream, as you will see below! 

Future Brides: If you've never thought of having a personalized hanger created for your wedding day, I highly recommend it!  These are available on Etsy and even Amazon.com for very reasonable prices, and come in tons of awesome designs.  You can even have one made with your new last name and your wedding date, like Tasha did! Plus your dress will look fabulous in the photos on a nice hanger instead of the plastic one it comes with.  *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* 

Kristin Upright was Tasha's make-up artist.  Oh wait, did I say make-up artist? What I actually meant was "Cosmetic Goddess", because that should be her official title, haha.  I have seen this woman's work in many photos before this day, but this was the first time I got to see and photograph a Bride that she did the make-up for.  Tasha looked drop dead gorgeous even before she got her hair done or her dress on!  She could have gotten married in that robe and pulled it off like a boss, honestly.  Great work, Kristin!! 

Tasha's friend and hair artist Rashauna Belloir doubled as unofficial Bridesmaid and Hair Extraordinaire.  I was amazed as I watched Tasha's long blonde locks transform into the elegant up-do that Rashauna created! 

Poor little Wyatt was teething, and came in to get some Mommy comfort while Tasha got her hair done. The whirlwind of wedding craziness certainly didn't keep this girl from being a loving and attentive Mommy throughout the whole day!

Before getting all dressed up himself, Kyle gets a last minute trim from Rashauna.

Once it was time to get dressed, Cooper was happy to have his daddy help him get dressed, and was even more happy to help daddy put on his tie!  So sweet!!!

Almost time to put on the dress! Rashauna helps Maria with her hair, and puts the finishing touches on Tasha's up-do.

Tasha takes a quick peek at her finished make-up and hair as little Wyatt sneaks a peek at me!  He was trying to hide from the camera, but I got him! Haha!

The finished Bridal Look, in bold and beautiful color. Sooooo much awesomeness!

Tasha's bridal bouquet was a custom order from Eco Flower (link at the top!). Eco Flower makes these gorgeous flowers out of WOOD, and they do an amazing job!  Tasha got to pick her colors and style of flowers, and the best part is that she gets to keep this bouquet for the rest of her life. Such an awesome idea! I hope to see more of these on the wedding scene next year!

While the girls were busy getting ready, Kyle and a few friends were putting together the wedding and reception areas.  How's this for a backyard wedding?!

This arbor was made by hand by Tasha's father, Steve. Check out all of the hand-carved details!  

Finally, it was time for the ceremony!

The sun was shining bright as Rashauna and Maria escorted little Wyatt down the aisle, followed by Cooper riding in this cute little wagon!

A truly family centered wedding, Tasha and Kyle's little men stood with them at the altar while they exchanged their vows to each other.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Pachmayr!!!


Tasha's theme was Eggplant and Sunflowers--the perfect color combination for a fall wedding. 

Did I mention that Kyle built this dance floor himself? Cooper loved racing his toy trains on it! 

A very special First Dance. Kyle is not really a dancer, Tasha says, especially in front of people, so their first dance was even more special to her. Then, right when it couldn't get any more special, Cooper came up and joined them!

When it comes to wedding day nightmares, I think just about every Bride has the fear that something might happen to her precious wedding cake!  So when the top tier and half of the bottom tier slid off the display and came crashing down onto the dessert table, Tasha and Kyle showed us all just what to do if your wedding cake should fall down...

...you pick up the cake topper, plant it firmly into the remaining bit of cake, and you cut what's left of it with a smile on your face. This couple has already faced so many of life's challenges together, and they didn't let this unfortunate event dull the shine of their day! In the end the cake tasted just as good, and Tasha and Kyle were just as ecstatic to finally be husband and wife!

And this, ladies, is how you handle adversity on your wedding day with style and grace!

One thing that I really love at a wedding is the father-daughter dance. My father's memory is very special to me, and seeing Brides dancing with their daddies always gets me a little teary. Tasha's dad took this opportunity to say some things to his little girl that he hadn't said before, and she couldn't hold back her tears.  So sweet!!

As the sun went down, a few of the guests busted their moves on the dance floor, and the kids had a great time chasing each other around on it!

When the light was finally gone and the kiddos were all in bed, we busted out the flashes and did a few fun shots with lights and sparklers!  I love it when couples are totally on board with letting me play with the lights, and the results are often some really cool effects!

Shout out to my awesome second shooter and lighting assistant, Janae!  Without you these shots would never have been possible.  Thanks soooo much, girlfriend!! 

Thank you soooo much, Tasha and Kyle, for choosing me document this special day in your family's lives!  We had a great time meeting all of your family and friends, and capturing your love!