I know, I know... another blog about my adorable baby.  Can you blame me though?

Little Gabe was born on March 18th, and I finally felt up to getting some Newborn Portraits when he was 15 days old.  I wanted a very special portrait of all three of my sons.  Not just any portrait, though.  This one would have to be special, something that I could print large and hang on my living room wall; something that would be beautiful for all the days of my life and beyond.  I was inspired by the works of local photographer Jenny Gibson (The Baby Road), and I decided I wanted this portrait to be very natural.  Less is more, and I definitely wanted to keep it simple but beautiful.  I now had a very detailed and specific vision of what I wanted to achieve, and on April 2nd 2016, I set out to create that vision.

I made a trip to the new Roseburg JoAnn Fabrics store, walked in, went straight to this fabric I had envisioned and purchased 3 yards worth.  I placed a folded cream colored blanket I already had underneath the new fabric for extra softness, and voila!  I had my backdrop.  

I knew early on that I wanted to light this image with studio flash, so I set up my 64" Parabolic Umbrella and studio flash in my living room.

My little goofballs had fun making silly faces at me while I metered and tested the light.  Once I got this creamy, soft light falling over both boys, we were ready to shoot.

It took a few tries to get this image nailed down.  Actually, it took about 20 tries to get this image, lol.  Kids aren't always the most cooperative little beings, so there are lots of outtakes and weird faces and closed eyes and blurred wiggles.  In the end, though, all I wanted was one photo that was as close to perfection as I could get; just one beautiful image of my true masterpieces.  As long as I live, I will never create any photo or drawing or painting that comes close to the loveliness of being a mother. 

For baby's wrapped poses I used The Simple Swaddler, a new baby posing/wrapping tool that helped to keep Gabe warm and snuggly during his portraits.  I've been wanting to try one of these out, despite the fact that I don't normally shoot babies.  It worked like a charm, and sloppy little me was able to get some nicely wrapped baby shots.  Shout out to local photographer Sheridan of Epic Images Photography for letting me borrow hers!  

Oh, and I almost forgot -- you know that photo of my three sons?  I entered it into a small photo contest and my image was chosen along with a few others to be featured on a live webcast hosted by Nations Photo Lab.  Cool, right?  I get to have my photo critiqued by a top children's photographer, which makes me a little nervous, but it's also very exciting!  I'll take it as a good sign of things to come, and hope that the rest of the year brings me good fortune in all of my photography ventures!