Idleyld Park, Oregon | June 25th, 2016

Two of the sweetest people you could hope to meet, John Disrude and Crystal Barnes, got married on Saturday the 25th of June at the always beautiful Millpond Pavilion nestled deep in the woods just northeast of Glide, Oregon.  This wedding was full of romantic color and some REALLY cool details, so let's jump right in!  

WARNING:  You might want to stop and grab a couple of tissues right now.  Some of you might need them for your happy tears, and some of you will need them when you see the spectacular display of assorted cupcakes because you might just find yourself drooling all over your keyboard--or worse, your phone! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Our day started at the Swiftwater Guesthouse, a secluded little getaway on the North Umpqua River just 15 minutes away from the Millpond recreation site where the day's festivities would take place.  I got right to work capturing these sweet details while the bridesmaids were finishing up the guys' boutonnieres and the floral arrangements for the reception.  As you can see, the grounds of the guesthouse provided a charming and serene backdrop for photos of the Bride's dress and accessories.  

Special little details help to truly make your big day all yours.  Crystal lost her mother eleven years ago and wanted to incorporate something to both include and honor her mother's memory on her wedding day.  This tiny framed photo of her mother was added to her bridal bouquet; the necklace below was a custom made gift from her sister to honor their mother.  

The Bride's garter was custom made for her, with her new initials embroidered on the lace band.  The "toss" garter was embroidered too, and read "Nice Catch!"  

I'm a huge fan of sparkly detailed shots of the couples' rings, and for this wedding I took a step outside of my usual technique for photographing them.  This purple, glittery ring shot below is the result.  I love it, and I hope the Bride will too!

The make-up artist arrived right on schedule and our blushing bride got her pampering on! Katie from A Classic Touch Salon in Roseburg created Crystal's wedding day look and was just fabulous to have around.  This girl's got some serious skills, and took Crystal's already obvious bridal glow and put an elegant touch of bridal glam on it.  You rock, Katie!!

Into the dress!

The bridesmaids help with Crystal's finishing touches while Katie applies the final bit of lip color before it's time to head for the Millpond Pavilion.  Crystal's sisters Tanya, Jamie & Amber, along with John's sister Stephanie, served as her bridesmaids.

Once all of the finishing touches were done, it was high time we headed out for the ceremony! Guests were in good spirits, and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the bride and her entourage.

This is my favorite part of every wedding.  Whether the bride and groom have had a First Look is of no consequence; the moment every groom sees his wife-to-be approaching from the end of that aisle, the expression on his face is always golden.  This look of is one of pure adoration, both undeniable and unmistakable.  This is the face of love.

Mr. and Mrs. John Disrude.  Congratulations, love birds!!

A few portraits of the happy newlyweds...

The Reception

The rustic look of the Pavilion paired nicely with the bride's chosen colors for her big day. Wood rounds and mason jars filled with white and purple flowers and baby's breath gave a softer feel to the vibrant pops of Teal and royal Purple that adorned the reception tables while strings of Edison lights draped over the wood beams above added a bit of elegance.  Little nests were included on each table, and tied together the "love birds" theme of the day.

The food served for this event consisted of cool summertime favorites, sandwiches, and fresh cut cantaloupe, honeydew and strawberries.  Two large wine barrels served as an ice-filled home for pre-filled drinks in sealed mason jars.  Guests chose from chilled Iced Tea or Lemonade, and two dispensers were available for refilling empty glasses.  This is the first time I have seen wine barrels used in this way, and definitely the first time I have ever seen drinks served like this!  Awesome idea, right?!

Cupcakes, you ask?  Oh yes, those are coming up!  But first, dancing!!

John and Crystal's first dance as husband and wife, to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud".  

The father-daughter dance.  Just look at how cute these two are!  

But wait!! The dances aren't over yet!  Crystal's sons Chris, Brandon & Anthony served as the groomsmen, and these guys weren't about to let this day go by without dancing with their mother!  Each of them took a turn at twirling Crystal across the dance floor, much to the delight of the guests (and the photographers too!). Such fun!

Then, finally, there were CUPCAKES.  Lots and lots of cupcakes.  Cupcakes of various flavors, set upon towering tiers on this STUNNINGLY beautiful hand crafted Cupcake Tree.  This, my friends, is a thing of beauty!!!  

When Crystal asked her uncle Ed "Doc" Holliday to make her a cupcake stand for her upcoming wedding, she was imagining something along the lines of a table-top setup with a few shelves made of wood to display these desserts.  What she got was this amazing, hand crafted actual TREE that is taller than she is, and nearly as tall as her new husband.  Wow!!!!!  Our hats are off to this man who went way above and wayyy beyond for his niece.  What an outstanding gift!!  Tabitha and I were in awe!

The branches of this tree of sweet sustenance held the work of local cake-maker Amber Walter of Unique Custom Creations (link provided at the bottom of this post).  The Bride chose four flavors, and each shelf held dozens of cupcakes in Lemon, Marionberry, Coconut Cream and chocolate Turtle Sundae varieties. 


Yummmm... are you drooling yet?  

John and Crystal decided to keep their main cake for the traditional First Anniversary treat, and instead the pair split a cupcake!  Crystal's favorite cupcake was the Coconut Cream.

Here I have to give a shout-out to my awesome Second Shooter for this wedding, Tabitha Morales.  She was a great second set of eyes on this wedding, and even caught this fleeting moment when a butterfly landed on the bride's bouquet!  Thank you sooo much Tabitha for coming along and helping me get everything covered.  Your hard work and attention to detail is truly appreciated!

Congratulations John + Crystal!!  Thank you so much for choosing me to preserve your memories for you, your children and the generations to come!



Special thanks on behalf of the Bride & Groom to everyone who helped make this day an affair to remember!  

Larry Russel Cole (Russ) | Officiant

Nichole Louder | Day-of coordinator, dress-dropper & boss-lady

Katie Eichenbusch from A Classic Touch salon | Bridal hair & Make-up

Damon DePriest | DJ, Music & Sound System; friend of the bride & groom

Amber Walter, Unique Custom Creations | All the yummy cupcakes.  They were delicious!!

David's Bridal in Eugene, Oregon | All the girls' dresses, including the Bride

Tuxedo Warehouse | All the guys' suits

The Swiftwater Guesthouse | The Bride & Groom's retreat for the big day

Amy Carson | The guest "wrangler" for photos

The Bridesmaids | Tanya Leon, Amber Kerrick-Barnes, Jamie Divine & Stephanie Golden-Disrude

The Groomsmen | Chris Sanchez, Brandon Sanchez & Anthony Sanchez