I ran into Amee and her boyfriend Jesse on July 30th at Kym + Jack's wedding and she mentioned that she had been thinking of having some portraits taken but didn't know which photographer to go to.  Lucky for her, this is my specialty; not only that but I just *happened* to be toying with the idea of shooting at the local fair after dark and needed a happy couple to model for me.  We had a vague arrangement worked out in minutes, and got in touch promptly after the wedding to figure out the details. 

We decided on August 11th, set up a time to meet and it was a date!  Then, out of the blue...

"Hi Christina! It's Jesse, Amee's boyfriend. We spoke to you at Kym's wedding about a photo shoot. So here's the thing, I have this idea and I want to propose to Amee and get it all on camera.. she doesnt know this so please don't mention it to her.  I want it to be a complete surprise..."

My response was something along the lines of "OMG OMG OMG!!" followed by squeals of happiness! I'd always wanted to capture a proposal and this was the PERFECT opportunity--since Amee set up the shoot with me herself, there was no way she would ever suspect a thing! Muahahahahahaaaa... uh, I mean YAYYYY!!  

Jesse and I agreed on a verbal cue that I would give him when I figured out what would be the best little area to pop the question.  I got to the fair early and walked around a little bit.  I knew Jesse didn't want to propose in front of a huge crowd, so I decided that the Midway was the best place since the lower end of the fairgrounds was super busy and jam packed full of people arriving for that night's musical act. We walked up and down the Midway, took a few photos just to get things rolling, and then I gave Jesse his verbal cue:  I told him that I needed to get a great big smile out of Amee and asked him to whisper in her ear all the things that he loved about her.  I don't know exactly how he worded it, but it must have been good!! 

Mission accomplished!!  Amee didn't suspect a thing.

Finally the sun had set, and the real fun began!  Now it was an engagement shoot, and there was no light!  I had been looking forward to this challenging bit of night time portraits, and brought my flash setup and wireless triggers for some dramatic images after dark.  My new friend Lauren of Lauren Reber Photography was my sidekick on this shoot, and directed my light for me as well as doing a bit of second shooting.  THANK YOU Lauren, sooo much for taking the time to help a gal out!  These images wouldn't have been possible without you!

I'm lovin' this haunted house image of Amee and Jesse in a casual snuggle.

My goal for these night shots was to incorporate the colorful lights from the carnival rides as a background element, and to capture a bit of motion blur from the fast-moving thrill rides in the distance.  The results were even better than I had imagined they could be!

Thank you so much to Amee and Jesse for being my models for the evening, and for sharing your special moment with me and Lauren!  Congratulations, and I can't wait for your wedding next year!