This July 30th wedding was a long-awaited event!  Jack and Kym have been together for nearly 20 years and at long last decided to tie the knot.  

Family is at the top of this couple's priority list and their simple, backyard BBQ style wedding reflected that fact.  Everything was planned not just around this new marriage, but around the family and friends that these two have cultivated throughout the years. 

Not one to stress about things, Kym scheduled the ceremony for later on in the day and spent the early hours of the afternoon relaxing with friends and drinking Mojitos by the pool!  When it was time for the ceremony to begin she arrived in style, and had a friend deliver her to the Roseburg Rod & Gun Club in a sweet yellow convertible.  

Jack walked to the car to open the door for her, and escorted her up the aisle with friends and family cheering them on.  

The ceremony was short and sweet. 

Kym's son Michael and Jack's daughter Whitney signed as their witnesses.  

These cute cupcakes and cake pops were made by two friends.  Angela M. did the cupcakes, and Catherine H. made the cake pops.  

Once everyone had had a bite to eat and some cold drinks, Kym danced the night away with everyone who was willing to get down on the dance floor. I love when guests get their groove on and truly enjoy themselves at a wedding reception!  

Even the kids got out there to bust a few moves.

This little area by the river is just a two minute walk from the pavilion at the Rod and Gun Club, and made a nice spot for some portraits just as the sun was disappearing behind the trees.

Congratulations Kym and Jack!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!!

P.S. It's about time...