It was October 2017 when I first received an inquiry from Bennett and Mike. After the initial emails, Bennett called me on the phone and the most amazing thing happened--I just had this feeling like I already knew this girl, and had for years! Her voice was so familiar, and when she spoke she was confident, friendly, and knew what she wanted. I had alllll the good vibes coming from this Bride, and we finalized booking right after our phone call. Everything just fell into place exactly as it should, so it was no surprise to me that their wedding day would unfold just like that too. Every wedding has its ups and downs--things might not go according to plan, little things can get overlooked and forgotten--and this wedding had those moments, just like all other weddings do; the big difference was that no one let the little things get to them, and everyone just went with the flow of things as the moments ticked by. It was perfectly imperfect in some ways, and fairytale perfect in others. Most importantly, for Mike and Bennett, the day was just plain PERFECT. 

Venue: Horning's Hideout, North Plains, Oregon
Catering: Mary Lazarus (no website available)
The Cake: Decadent Creations in Hillsboro
The Dresses: David's Bridal 
Bridal Hairstyles: Sheene & Co. Salon and Spa in Hillsboro
DJ: Mike Lidgett (no website available)
Flowers, D├ęcor and everything else: DIY


We started the day at the Sheene & Co. salon in Hillsboro, just 25 minutes away from the venue. All of the bridesmaids and the mothers of both the bride and groom had their hair done right along with Bennett. Once the salon staff was finished with Bennett's bridal hairstyle, her bridesmaid, Brenda, took care of her makeup. It was a cool, laid-back morning, and a great way to start any wedding day. 


Bennett's dress came from David's Bridal, and had a very light blush undertone beneath the layers of lace and sheer fabric. Since her chosen colors for the day were Navy Blue and Red, a red rose was the perfect backdrop for an elegant photo of Bennett's wedding rings. The roses she would carry down the aisle were pink, with red accents and lots of gorgeous greenery. 

Back at Horning's Hideout, Bennett got into her dress and veil with the help of her best friends, and of course her mom, Tricia, and sister Tyann, to help make everything perfect. 


With a few finishing touches, our beautiful Bride was finally ready--and she was drop-dead GORGEOUS. 

Just before the ceremony, Bennett's father, Daniel, stood anxiously awaiting the moment when he would see his daughter all dolled up for her wedding. Bennett greeted him with the happiest smile and presented him with a custom-made handkerchief. As you can see, he was overwhelmed with emotion! Ahhhhh, I just love precious father-daughter first looks!! They always get me right in the feelers!!! 


At the ceremony site, the guys were more than ready to get this party started!


It's time!! Everyone was so excited! Just look at that grin on Tricia's face!

Ten beautiful maidens, and two adorable kiddos!

Where troubles melt like lemon drops, way above the chimney tops... 
Bennett walked down the aisle to a beautiful piano version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".


Now, normally I don't include this many of the formal portraits in my blog posts, but for this wedding I HAD to make an exception. So here I am, editing away, going through the images at my home computer, and bam--I come across the photos I took of the Groom and his groomsmen. I laughed myself silly going through these, and probably sounded like a cackling hysterical lunatic to my family in the next room. Mike and Bennett, I really hope you laugh your asses off when you see these because man, they're hilarious!!! Huge shout-out to Mike and his groomsmen for being so awesome! Looking at these photos is 100 times funnier than it was in the moment when I was taking them--and don't worry, Bennett, we got some "serious" ones too! 

We got some fun shots with the ladies as well! Girls, you ROCKED your time in front of the camera!!!


Mr. & Mrs. Moreau!!!


On to the reception...

So much thought and planning went into this wedding! Beautiful red roses were everywhere, there was plenty of beer and wine, and I can't say enough good things about weddings that have a TACO BAR!!! Beef, chicken, Mexican style rice, peppers, and all the taco fixings you could want! They even had tamales! Yummmm!! After a long day of shooting, Angie and I were more than ready to sit down and devour this food! 

Time for a toast--and some cake! 

Mike and Bennett danced their first dance as husband and wife to Led Zeppelin's "All My Love".


Garter and bouquet toss! Mike's gonna get in there and show you how it's done!!

I want to stop for just a second here to give a shout out to my second shooter for this wedding, the talented Angie Gibby. Thanks, Angie, for coming with me and for your part in capturing this beautiful day! 

And just like that, the night ended with Mike plowing through the crowd of sparkler-wielding guests like Superman, towing Bennett along behind him as they ran for the car, dodging sparks like crazy! The perfect ending to the perfect day!!


Mike and Bennett, 

I am so glad we met, and that you chose me to be your photographer sidekick for the most important day of your lives! I feel like the luckiest girl, to have been a part of this day filled with laughter, a few tears, and soooo much true love and joy. I can't express to you how happy I am for you both, and I wish you a hundred lifetimes of happiness!!!